Last Month's Winners

Speed (Fastest 5km):

Oz Dean
Creative, TEQUILA\

Distance (Most kms):

Mark Davies
Creative, mcgarrybowen

** Put freelancer if you aren't connected to a studio
State you live in


Who's behind this?
Digital Art Director, Oz Dean conceived the idea to run a creative industry challenge, collecting people as he freelanced around Sydney in the digital world. He has run the challenge for the last couple of years (behind the scenes) and decided to make it official through this website. The challenge has been called Blood, Sweat & Peers since it's beginnings in 2008. Technical director Mark Davies has created the site and will handle it's growth in the future.

Who's been involved so far?
Runners behind the scenes have included employees of Deepend, M&C Saatchi, BWM, Host, The Furnace, Clemenger, Pusher and a whole bunch of freelancers.

What do you get at the end of the month?
Nothing but satisfaction and the ability to brag that you beat others.

I want to wear my own shoes, do I have to buy Nike to hold the chip?
No. You can buy a holder from that ties into your laces. Oz uses this and it is a simple, cheap solution that works.

Is there any more info on Nike+ and the gear I need?
Nike Running
What is Nike Plus?

Will Blood, Sweat & Peers go global and allow runners from outside to participate?
We're trialling it first in Australia and will open it up in the future if it works on a local level and is supported.

Can I just take part in the distance challenge? I'm not very fast.
Sure. Just accept the invite to the distance challenge. You don't have to accept both challenges but taking part in at least one would be good.

Still confused? Email us at

Blood, Sweat & Peers FAQs

Blood, Sweat & Peers

For the last two years a monthly industry wide Nike+ running challenge has been happening behind the scenes. Advertising and Media creatives plus suits see who can run the furthest & fastest. Just for fun and to keep fit. is a place to invite others from our industry to join us. We're currently a group made up of freelancers & employees of Host, Deepend, Pusher, The Furnace & Clemenger.


To get creative people in Australia out of their chairs and up, interacting regularly with each other (without talking shop or over a beer). To promote healthy competition, with no real award or prize. Just bragging rights.
Future plans are to hold challenges between Creatives & Suits, Sydney vs Melbourne and Guys n Gals etc.

Rules & how to join

To join the Blood, Sweat & Peers monthly running challenge enter your details above.
You must be employed within the creative industry in Australia e.g. Advertising, Digital, Broadcast & Design.

What you need to join:

You'll need to grab yourself a piece of kit and join the Nike+ Community.
You probably already own an iPod or iPhone. Read the FAQs for further info on this.

I've signed up. What now?

You will receive two BSP challenge invitations at the start of the month (for the month), one for speed & one for distance.

Accept & run.

You could also join our Facebook Group or follow us on Twitter